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Small Class, BIG results


Identify the problem.
Explore potential causes.
Discuss discoveries as a team.


Develop strategies tailored to the needs of the child. Apply interventions consistently with parental support and participation.


Teach and model expected behavior with students and their families engaged actively in the process.

Parenting a Determined Child Can be Tough

If you are the parent of a strong-willed child, you know how exasperating life at home and school can be. Life doesn’t have to be this way. We want to encourage you today. There is hope.

Hope for Parents

At Safari Small Schools, we work with students and parents to identify problems that may reinforce undesirable behaviors or otherwise hinders social and academic functioning at home, in school and in the community.Social and Academic Growth
Safari students develop not only academically, but socially and emotionally as well. Our students learn and practice empathy, compassion and respect for self, others and the community.

Strategies that Work

Working together with parents and families, we teach our students the social and coping skills they need to be successful in life.We meet students where they are academically and put them on the path to achievement.We target specific behaviors for change then teach and model the tools and strategies students and families can apply until positive behavior is the new normal.

Lifelong Solutions

At Safari Small Schools we work toward lifelong improvement of behavior, social skills and academic achievement.

Small Class Size

We believe in individualized instruction. Safari Small Schools-Canton enrolls a maximum of 5 students.

Students and Families

Our goal is to teach, encourage and support students and parents as they work toward lasting improvement and change in the child, home and family

Custom Curriculum

We develop curriculum materials specifically for our students' needs. Our instruction aligns with and exceeds the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS).

Social Skills Instruction

At Safari Small Schools our students receive imbedded and practical social, coping and functional skills instruction. Our goal is to ensure our students develop into respectful, responsible and compassionate members of the community now and always.

Imagine your child happier at school

and achieving socially and academically.
Envision more peaceful moments and memories with your child.

Individualized strategies that work

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Dr. Teresa Sanders

A bit about me: I am a certified K-12 Special Education teacher. I work primarily with students who require more attention and support to achieve socially and academically.I have over 13 years of experience teaching in Texas public schools. I have a bachelor’s degree in Human Services, a master’s degree in Education Curriculum and Instruction and a doctorate degree in Educational Leadership.

  • Student and family advocate

  • 14+ years teaching experience

  • Teacher-Certified SPED K-12

  • Behavioral Speciality

  • 20 years experience in community mental health/social services.

“All students can achieve when their social, emotional and academic needs are met.”

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“Because all students can achieve when their social, emotional and academic needs are met.”